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  • Making change easy!
  • Making change easy!
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From start up entrepreneurs, to volunteers, business owners, managers and staff, Make a Change works with people from all walks of life who want to create positive change in their organisation or community.

We also work with businesses and local governments who want to engage more with their community to create change.

We can do this in many ways - a boost of inspiration, teaching the skills to do it, or getting in and doing it for you.


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We've just announced our Greater Bendigo Curriculum for Change and extend our invitation to anyone that would like to participate wherever they are around Australia.

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Announcing Greater Bendigo Curriculum for Change - a series of discussions and events throughout 2017, underlining how each and everyone of us, can play a part in creating the future we want.

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Very shortly we'll be announcing an exciting new program we are delivering in Bendigo this year. Save the date for the first event!

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